The Greater Ann Arbor Region is a partnership of six economic development organizations, all working together to bring businesses to the region. We represent six distinctive counties that recognize the mutual benefits that result from the expansion of business and industry in our region. Our partners collaborate to find solutions that work for businesses. We provide a seamless approach to coordinating projects between and among our organizations. Site developers and business owners who choose to work with us will benefit from the six county collaboration.

Hillsdale County Economic Development Partnership (EDP)

A non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and economic sustainability of Hillsdale County. Our organization is primarily focused on increasing employment opportunities, attracting private sector capital investments and expanding the local tax base. We work in collaboration with entrepreneurs and established companies to retain existing businesses and attract new businesses to the area. As a partnership, we seek to connect businesses to the resources that best fit their needs.

Hillsdale County Highlights:

  • Hillsdale County is at the center of a major market in the Midwest, within a 200-mile radius of large urban areas, such as Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Indianapolis.
  • While Hillsdale County benefits from the skilled workforce and infrastructure established as part of the automotive Industry, we are also home to a wide variety of other industries including technology, healthcare and financial services.
  • Our agricultural output is consistently ranked among the top counties in Michigan.
  • Hillsdale County offers the comfort of small-town living, combined with big-city amenities.

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Enterprise Group of Jackson (EG)

A non-profit organization that was established in 1997 to promote and coordinate economic development initiatives and create wealth within Jackson County, Enterprise Group of Jackson is comprised of the county’s leading business organizations. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses break ground on new ventures or expand upon existing operations. We offer personalized and hands-on assistance to businesses with issues such as site identification, research and data analysis, workforce and training needs, and financing options. Our Procurement Technical Assistance Center assists area businesses in identifying government contracting opportunities and guides companies through the bidding and contracting process.

Jackson County Highlights:

  • Jackson County is rich with history and heritage. It is filled with wonderful small towns and some of the oldest and most beautiful homes in Michigan.
  • Once a major rail hub for the state, Jackson County is known as the crossroads of Michigan. Its access to numerous highways and rail lines make Jackson County a great location for both businesses and residents alike.
  • Family fun and relaxation are core values of Jackson County. There are festivals and family events for residents nearly every weekend during the summer months.

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Lenawee Now

A non-profit organization dedicated to economic and business expansion throughout Lenawee County, Lenawee Now is focused on attracting new businesses, helping to grow established businesses and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors. We provide critical services to support business growth including access to funding sources and workforce development. Lenawee Now is formerly known as the Lenawee Economic Development Corporation.

Lenawee County Highlights:

  • Lenawee County offers a reasonable cost of living and allows residents to enjoy the simplicity, safety and charm of a smaller community while living just a short drive from the city.
  • Our abundance of lakes, parks and golf courses make Lenawee County a great playground and vacation spot.
  • The Michigan International Speedway boasts a proud 42-year history of hosting America’s best racing action on its 1,400 acres in the scenic Irish Hills.
  • Lenawee County is a dynamic and innovative place for existing and new businesses to grow and be successful. In addition to Lenawee Now, Lenawee has a number of other resources to assist current and early start-up businesses.

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Economic Development Council of Livingston County (EDCLC)

A non-profit agency dedicated to the creation and sustainability of economic opportunities that are consistent with the quality of life and unique characteristics of Livingston County. We are a one-stop resource for businesses seeking to locate or expand operations in Livingston County. In 2011, we formed a strategic alliance with SPARK to provide economic development services for businesses in Livingston County. SPARK and the EDCLC are working together to advance the economy of Livingston County, as well as the Ann Arbor area.

Livingston County Highlights:

  • Livingston County provides a wide range of lifestyle options, including walkable downtowns, suburban residential developments and rural communities and farms.
  • Livingston County is the wealthiest county in Michigan with a median annual household income of $77,196, which is 50% higher than the state median income and 38% higher than the national median income.
  • Livingston County is home to a number of manufacturing firms, including plastics, chemicals, automotive, and food and beverages. The county is also home to other industries, such as healthcare, retail and hospitality.

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Monroe County Business Development Corporation (BDC)

A non-profit organization that is focused on attracting and retaining a diverse range of business and industry by leading initiatives that create an environment for economic growth. Our organization was formed in 1982 by several local business leaders with the goal of improving the local economy by actively supporting the business base. We are a one-stop shop for economic development assistance and information, including demographics, work force statistics, availability of sites, tax incentives, development, training and practical advice for entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Monroe County Highlights:

  • The strengths of Monroe County’s economy lies in its geography and infrastructure.
  • Monroe County long has been viewed as a crossroads for commerce, with a strategic location within close proximity to the nation’s largest border crossing, the Ambassador Bridge.
  • In addition, Monroe County is served by three major freight rail lines and two short haul lines, three interstate highways and the Port of Monroe.
  • Monroe County offers a skilled labor force, an unparalleled work ethic, a superb quality of life, excellent schools, quality housing and a range of incentives to enhance the competitiveness of business and industry.

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Ann Arbor SPARK

SPARK is Ann Arbor’s engine for economic development. We are an organization dedicated to the economic prosperity of the greater Ann Arbor region. We use our skills and knowledge to attract, develop, strengthen and invest in driving industries to help our region thrive. Our business development team helps companies find the right talent, the ideal location, funding and incentives. Whether your business needs help with business services, permits, finding real estate or understanding incentives, the SPARK team is here to help.

Washtenaw County Highlights:

  • Located in southeast Michigan, Washtenaw County is home to about 354,000 citizens in urban, suburban, and rural settings. This mix of different settings provides many opportunities for education, recreation, business, agricultural and home life.
  • Washtenaw County is home to the University of Michigan, a major research institution and source of world-class talent. Regional and community colleges also graduate thousands of highly-skilled workers each year.
  • Ann Arbor is the major metropolitan area in the county. Cultural amenities, recreational opportunities, family-oriented activities and a comfortable cost of living make the Ann Arbor region an ideal location to live and work.

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