The greater Ann Arbor region, known by some as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest, is the home to a growing number of internationally recognized companies. These businesses are choosing the region to develop their world-changing technology because of the large concentration of highly educated employees, low cost of living, and ease of access to a new crop of talent through nationally known universities.

The Ann Arbor-based cybersecurity startup Duo Security was recently recognized as a unicorn due to the company’s total valuation to $1.17 billion just seven years after its inception.

Firms in the Region
Technology Professionals in the Region

Source: U.S Census Bureau

Technology Talent Pipeline

Pioneers in Tech Research

A key component of the greater Ann Arbor region’s success in the technology sector is the access to several world-class colleges and universities. These schools not only train the next generation of industry leaders and innovators, they also pioneer research in the field. In 2015, The University of Michigan was second in the nation in research spending, coming in at over $1.4 billion.

The region’s secondary education systems foster an interest in STEM education, including Computer Engineering Computer Science and Data Science.

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Biochemical Engineering at the University of Michigan

Source: University of Michigan


Michigan SmartZones are locations where technology-based firms, entrepreneurs and researchers locate in close proximity. SmartZone technology clusters promote resource collaborations between universities, industry, research organizations, government and other community institutions, growing technology-based businesses and jobs. There are several zones located throughout the region.

There are also grants and funds available for those interested in growing and/or starting a technology business in the greater Ann Arbor region. Contact us to learn more.

The Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund
The Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund provides funding opportunities for Michigan technology based companies in the federal innovation research and development area.
Business Accelerator Fund
The Business Accelerator Fund is Michigan’s statewide SmartZone network for the delivery of specialized services.
BBCetc provides proposal development services to technology-based entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.
SPARK Central Innovation Center
SPARK Central Innovation Center is a location for launching, developing and growing innovation-based technology.

Featured Regional Success

Hi-Lex Controls, Inc.

“Our assembly lines are highly automated, and having engineers that can program those robots and run those machines is absolutely critical to our future.”

Tom Strickland, President and CEO, Hi-Lex Controls, Inc.

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