Workforce Development

The greater Ann Arbor region is a region saturated with a talented workforce, educational opportunities, and an expansive labor force. The region contains the highest concentration of engineers in the nation, world-class skilled tradesman, and nationally recognized educational programs and institutions.The region has attracted businesses in many areas of industry that have a need for a highly skilled workforce as well as a great quality of life for employees.Stakeholders and partners of the six counties in the region work together as one collaborative unit to study and anticipate the workforce needs of tomorrow’s employers. We work with the regional educational talent management systems to ensure that our communities can supply the workforce with the necessary job skills needed for employment.

Featured Regional Success

Building a Scalable and Cost-Effective Model for IT Outsourcing
Many U.S. based companies send their software development and other IT functions offshore to take advantage of cost savings. But all too often, quality and customer service suffer as a result. Nexient wanted to offer U.S. companies an alternative to offshoring that was more responsive and agile. Their business model was based on Midwest delivery capability that could produce a better product than the offshore vendors, while remaining competitive in terms of cost.

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Talent Programs

Our region approaches talent management and workforce development a little differently. Instead of a competitive nature, where each community fights to attract and retain their own talent, we work collaboratively as a region to develop a talent supply chain that benefits the entire region. As our region defines talent management and workforce development as the single most important issue in economic development, we will continue to develop, refine, and duplicate successful talent initiative across the greater Ann Arbor region

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