The greater Ann Arbor region offers all of the business utilities you’d expect from a hub of technological innovation and manufacturing. Michigan has led the way in restructuring its public works into a competitive market, lowering your costs of doing business.

With programs already in place to keep costs competitive and plans for the future of utilities in the state, Michigan and the greater Ann Arbor region provide the resources needed for businesses to build and grow.


The greater Ann Arbor region is a diverse and competitive market when it comes to telecommunications. About 200 companies have been granted licenses to provide basic local telephone service in Michigan.  The state received $4.8 million in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for broadband mapping as part of the Connect Michigan project. Looking for a telecommunications solution to your business needs? Contact the Greater Ann Arbor Region to be linked with a communications specialist.

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Natural Gas

Michigan produced about 101 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2016. To keep natural gas prices competitive, the Natural Gas Customer Choice program allows customers the option to purchase gas for their business from alternative gas suppliers. The local experts at the Greater Ann Arbor Region and connect you with the right natural gas supplier for your business’ needs.

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The Michigan Public Service Commission regulates electric utilities, which include 8 privately owned electric utilities, 9 rural electric distribution cooperatives, and 1 privately owned steam utility.

Michigan’s electric industry has been restructured so that the supply of electricity is open to competition. However, the transmission and distribution of electricity remains under a regulated utility structure. In Michigan’s Electric Customer Choice Program, the supply of power is open to Alternative Electric Suppliers.

Michigan has a Smart Grid program with the goal of integrating modern technology into the existing electrical power grid to improve reliability, quality and efficiency. One of the benefits for businesses opening or relocating to the greater Ann Arbor region includes real time monitoring of electricity consumption.

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Surrounded by Great Lakes and with landscapes crossed by rivers and streams, water is important to Michigan. Michigan’s water is regulated by the Department of Environmental Quality which monitors drinking water and wastewater. Most of the water and sewer utilities are operated by local municipalities. For more water utility information, each of the partners in the Greater Ann Arbor Region can connect you with state and local water regulatory offices in their area.

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Each of the Greater Ann Arbor Region partners has years of experience assisting businesses with determining and obtaining the utilities businesses need to thrive in the region. We are here to help you.