With well-developed infrastructure, the greater Ann Arbor region is home to companies that require roads, rail, ships, and airports to export their products to other states and outside of the country. Much of the region is situated just 50 miles from Detroit, a distance that can be traveled in 1-2 hours. Many major cities can be reached in less than one day by truck, while the Detroit Metro Airport offers multiple one-way flights to major cities in Asia, Europe, and more.

The region offers easy access to Canada today from the Ambassador Bridge border crossing and, in the near future, from the Gordie Howe International Crossing in Detroit.

The region is easily accessible to several interstate freeways, including:

  • I-75, which connects Michigan south of its borders all the way to Miami, Florida
  • I-94, the freeway that runs between Detroit and Chicago, and continues west to Billings, Montana
  • I-80/90, which connects Indiana, Ohio and Chicago, running just south of the Michigan state line

Shipping and Travel by Air

Timely delivery and business travel are essential needs for many businesses making the greater Ann Arbor region ideal for businesses that rely on air travel.

The Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is less than 30 miles from downtown Ann Arbor. Primary international destinations are Amsterdam, Frankfort, London, Toronto, and Tokyo.

Willow Run Airport is a cargo airport that ships internationally each day and is conveniently located 30 minutes to one hour from most locations in the region.

There are also several private airports and helipads in the greater Ann Arbor region.

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Featured Regional Success

KC Logistics

"We cover just about every part of the supply chain management. We do inbound parts for the automotive ... all the way to the final customer which is the dealer. Monroe County is important to the logistics of the state."

Kenyon Calender, Founder and CEO, KC Logistics

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Shipping by Rail

Counties within the greater Ann Arbor region are also connected to major freight rail lines and short haul lines. Class-A rail lines run through the area including:

  • Canadian National
  • CSX Transportation
  • Norfolk Southern

Shipping by Water

Surrounded by the Great Lakes, Michigan has long been a state known for its shipping. The greater Ann Arbor region is in close proximity to two ports: the Port of Detroit and the Port of Monroe.

The Port of Detroit is the largest seaport in the state of Michigan. According to the port’s website, the Detroit River is responsible for moving approximately 80 million tons of cargo annually. The Port of Monroe is Michigan’s only port on Lake Erie and is connected to the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway System, which extends to the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the Atlantic Ocean.

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