Talent Initiatives

Through collaboration and partnerships, the greater Ann Arbor region has developed several unique programs that encourage interest in a variety of careers and industries. Some of these initiatives are industry-based, some geography-based, and some based on age of the individuals participating in the initiative. Some talent programs involve the participation and collaboration of multiple communities.

As our region defines talent management and workforce development as the single most important issue in economic development, we will continue to develop, refine, and duplicate successful talent initiative across the greater Ann Arbor region.

WOW Playbook

The Workforce Opportunity Workshop was created to help identify what “collaboration” really means.

ALIGN Playbook

Align clarifies the misconceptions that students and parents have about manufacturing and skilled trade careers.

A2 Tech Trek

Tech Trek provides a chance for the community to visit tech companies throughout downtown Ann Arbor and draws people from around the U.S.

Tech Homecoming

Some of Ann Arbor’s biggest and fastest-growing tech companies provide a warm welcome at a private event at Graduate Ann Arbor.

Regional Training Center

The Litchfield Regional Training Center trains and educates tomorrow’s industrial workforce.

Michigan Talent Architecture

This coalition provides strategies that embrace collaboration and tools that help Michigan communities address the talent needs of local businesses.