While Michigan is known worldwide for its rich automotive history, the greater Ann Arbor region is at the center of innovative, advanced manufacturing. With our expansive technology, suppliers, infrastructure, and workforce, this region is set apart from others in the Midwest and beyond. Our manufacturers export worldwide in the following industries and more:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Plastics
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Carbon Fiber/Composite Materials

Skilled Manufacturing Workforce

Decades of Manufacturing Experience

The greater Ann Arbor area is home to millions of skilled workers, engineers, and residents with college education. The density of our universities, colleges, skilled trades programs, and technical education centers is difficult to match. Michigan has the highest concentration of electrical and mechanical engineers in the nation and employs more industrial designers than any other state. Michigan is also the national leader in automotive R&D spending. When you combine the talent and business opportunity in the region with a low cost of living, the greater Ann Arbor region becomes a clear leader for relocation and expansion.

Avg. Manufacturing Wage/Hour in Region
Advanced Manufacturing Professionals
Manufacturing Facilities in the Region

Source: U.S Census Bureau

Developing Future Manufacturing Talent

Manufacturing Day

A chemical engineer from Anderson Development demonstrates to students during Lenawee County’s Manufacturing Day.

Within Michigan and the greater Ann Arbor region, skilled trades educational initiatives have expanded to increase the awareness of careers in manufacturing. This includes Going Pro Michigan, a state marketing initiative to educate residents on advanced manufacturing and skilled trade careers available to high school and community college students.Throughout the region, thousands of students participate in Manufacturing Day each fall, visiting local manufacturers to tour and learn more about career opportunities in their community. In addition, technical training programs provide opportunities for high school students and adults in career transition to earn certifications and technical abilities that allow them to enter manufacturing careers.

A Manufacturing Region that’s Right for Your Business

As you consider relocating or starting a new manufacturing business in the region, consult with an area expert from one of the Greater Ann Arbor Region’s partners. Learn more about employee costs, taxes, and cost of living information for this area or get a list of available properties for your expansion or┬árelocation.