Driverless cars. Autonomous vehicles. Mobility. All of these describe an exciting new industry of cutting edge technology that is exploding in the greater Ann Arbor region. Whether it’s increasing passenger safety, preventing accidents,┬áreducing congestion, or conserving energy, the developments in the area have skyrocketed in just the past two years.

1,176,924 Number of employees in the automotive industry in Michigan
$11.8 Billion Annual Automotive R&D Spending in Michigan

Source: Michigan Economic Development Corporation

The Future of Mobility

Michigan is a global leader in mobility, and the greater Ann Arbor region is at the heart of research, development, and innovation. As vehicle and transportation technology continues to evolve, we are poised to help entrepreneurs launch in this exciting new field.Recently, Dominos and Ford developed a driverless pizza delivery car, which they are testing in the Ann Arbor area. Also, the French firm Navya began testing a fully autonomous, 15-passenger electric shuttle at PlantM.

Featured Regional Success

May Mobility

“May Mobility’s vision is to unlock a better life today through self-driving technology. There are things we can be doing to make people’s lives better and we need to put that out on the streets.”

Zafar Razzacki, head of product — May Mobility

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More Innovative Mobility Projects

Other innovative mobility projects in the greater Ann Arbor region include:

Unique Area Resource: American Center for Mobility

The American Center for Mobility is located at the historic, 335-acre Willow Run site in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan. Initially built by Henry Ford as an advanced aircraft manufacturing facility during World War II, Willow Run has a deep history of innovation. General Motors redeveloped the site in the 1950s as a powertrain plant that operated until 2010. Today, it will become the premiere national facility for mobility, advanced automotive testing, and product development. The center is uniquely positioned to accommodate industry and government needs with its capabilities to test vehicles, roads, infrastructure, and communication systems, all while providing room to grow and adapt with technology. The center will also serve as a development facility that will allow companies to lease space for office and research use, garages, and other amenities.

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