Company Snapshot

Software Development

Ann Arbor Michigan

Established 2009

100% U.S. Based Company

Over 200 Employees

Silicon Valley Company Locates to the Greater Ann Arbor Region to Attract Top Tech Talent

The Challenge

Building a Scalable and Cost-Effective Model for IT Outsourcing

Many U.S. based companies send their software development and other IT functions offshore to take advantage of cost savings. But all too often, quality and customer service suffer as a result. Nexient wanted to offer U.S. companies an alternative to offshoring that was more responsive and agile. Their business model was based on Midwest delivery capability that could produce a better product than the offshore vendors, while remaining competitive in terms of cost.


“We hire a lot of people in Michigan, but we also move people here from around the country. When we encounter people who are from Michigan originally, they are thrilled at the chance to come back home. They already know that Michigan is a great place to live.”

Colin Chapman
Chief Delivery Officer, Nexient

Why the Greater Ann Arbor Region?

  • Broad population base to support scalability of operations
  • Local universities rapidly producing new tech talent
  • Quality of life to attract potential employees to re-locate to the area
  • Favorable cost structure
  • Resources and incentives to stimulate growth
Regional Highways