Litchfield Regional Training Center


The recession of 2008 greatly diminished Michigan’s talent pool and as the economy began to recharge in 2010 the Litchfield Initiative was established to address employer needs for technical training as they retooled their workforce.


The Litchfield TIFA purchased and renovated a building in the industrial park to create the perfect environment for learning experiences. The Litchfield Regional Training Center is a Proprietary School registered with L.A.R.A. that provides:

  • Employer-Driven Training
  • State of the Art Classrooms including a Portable Laptop lab
  • An open-design Staged Training Lab
  • A welding center
  • Executive Conference Room
  • All available 24/7


Some of the technical training that has been provided since the LRTC completion in 2016:

  • Hundreds of welders have completed the 64-hour industrial GMAW course (Including some high school students)
  • Over 200 trainees have completed various Fanuc and/or Motoman Robotics courses
  • Mandated Quality Systems courses
  • Global Certification courses
  • Customized Training sessions

High school students have audited many of these technical classes, engaging with employees who mentor them in “workforce reality” and the critical value of skill attainment.


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