Michigan Snow

A little dusting of snow can shut down some areas, but it doesn’t even make us flinch.

The greater Ann Arbor region is full of innovative industries that are growing, expanding, and employing many of the best and brightest in the nation. When weather presents temporary challenges, we see it as an opportunity to show the world how to excel in spite of circumstances. Our workforce likes to takes challenges head on and show what Michigan tough really means.

Michigan Awesome

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Accelerating Vehicle Technology

America’s first large-scale facility dedicated to the testing and development of connected vehicle technology take’s advantage of the variety of weather in Michigan, including wintery snow. The American Center for Mobility plans to develop a 335-acre site at the historic Willow Run airport for testing and developing products that influence mobility technology.

“Being in Michigan, it also offers an opportunity to test in fog, rain, sleet, hail, cold, ice, and snow — the real-world conditions that autonomous cars will have to operate in.” — Motortrend

Future Transportation

Driving the Future of Transportation

When the temperatures dip below freezing, city commuters are the first boots on the ground and are using public transportation to get to work on time. The University of Michigan’s MCity, a unique test facility for evaluating the capabilities of connected and automated vehicles and systems, recently debuted the ARMA, a 15-passenger self-guided bus similar to those already on the streets around the world.

“We’re excited that the ARMA at Mcity is the first in North America. By showcasing the ARMA’s capabilities completely driving itself in Mcity, we can help open the imagination of others to the potential of autonomous vehicle technology.” — Carrie Morton, MTC Deputy Director

Met-L-Tec, LLC

Helping Build a Skilled Workforce

Met-L-Tec recently invested over $2 million to expand its growing business into a larger facility as well as double its workforce. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) provided a $105,000 grant to provide job training for the new employees.

inteva products logo

Confidence in a Dedicated Workforce

In 2016, Inteva Products invested $23.3 million in its Adrian, Michigan plant, a move that will bring 127 new jobs to Lenawee County. Other locations of Inteva were in talks to receive this important investment, it was clear that Adrian was the right choice.

“We have confidence in our work force in Adrian. They put up a good case for adding to the existing work force and along with incentives from the state of Michigan, we were able to make our investment there,” said Inteva spokeswoman, Karen Manardo.

Zingerman's Logo

A Rich and Sweet History

Gaining national attention from foodies, chefs, and even President Obama, the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses has been a staple in the greater Ann Arbor region since 1982. Founded by Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s has grown from a single delicatessen to a community of over 10 unique businesses. A cult-like following make Zingerman’s a popular destination for deliciousness by patrons from around the world.

“The Coolest Small Company in America” — Inc. Magazine.

Jackson Coffee Co.

A Cup of Ambition

Jackson Coffee Company is a Michigan company that continues to win awards year after year. Their coffee has won “Best Coffee House in Jackson,” the Coveted Brick Award from the Jackson Chamber of Commerce, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit award.

“Jackson Coffee Company consistently serves up fresh roasted coffee and a generous outpouring of friendly, personal service, making it Jackson’s best drive-thru coffee business, according to voters,” — Jackson Magazine.