Do you feel like your job hunt will never end? If it seems like you’ve tried everything you can, here are a handful of tips for keeping your spirits high and maintaining your focus and determination:

1. Refresh your resume
First and foremost, make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest resumes advice. A fresh pair of eyes can often generate new ideas for presenting your skills and experience more effectively so ask someone who hasn’t reviewed your resume before to offer feedback. Consider reaching out to a family member or a friend who has experience in your field to provide suggestions. Look up the latest buzzwords to add to your resume so recruiters will find your resume easily.

2. Make some changes to your LinkedIn profile
If you’re not taking full advantage of how LinkedIn can showcase your talents and experience, you could be slowing down your job hunt. When you make changes to your profile it alerts your connections, what better way to stay top-of-mind! View like-minded professionals and see what they have on their profile that you don’t.

3. Clean up your social presence 
While you’re on LinkedIn making changes, make sure to jump to all your social platforms to make sure any information online won’t come back to haunt you. Take steps like changing your Facebook privacy settings, removing your last name and only using your first and middle name, or untag photos of yourself you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

4. Advance your skills
Would obtaining new skills or certifications broaden your employment prospects? Consider taking a free course on, or at your local community college to enhance your talents and skills!

5. Revise your tactics
Are you spending your time in the most productive ways? Look for activities in your job hunt that haven’t been paying off. Maybe passing out business cards has been a bust for you, or you realize that you’re spreading yourself too thin by applying for every opportunity available. How can you reallocate this time to make better use of it? Perhaps you could post your resume online or become more active on social media.

6. Seek out some moral support
Don’t be shy! As uncomfortable as it may seem, sometimes talking about your setbacks helps get rid of those negative thoughts in your mind. Talking out loud can help give you a clear picture of what you’re missing or needing. Brainstorming and sharing concerns can go a long way toward helping you keep up your momentum.

7. Find different ways to network
Networking with new people could give new momentum to your job hunt. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce website or our events and meetup pages to learn about networking events happening in the area.

8. Improve your health and increase your endorphins 
If you’ve been so focused on your job hunt that you’re neglecting your wellbeing, you might be sabotaging your chances at having a productive day. When your body isn’t at its peak, you’ll pay the price mentally, emotionally and physically. Nurture your physical and mental health to keep your energy levels high.

9. Take a break
Sometimes, you just need a break from the grind of a job hunt. Take a few days to recharge — go hiking, see a movie, or hit the bike trails. Chances are you’ll come back rejuvenated and refocused.

Good luck!

Source: SPARK