SPARK’s business development mission is to:

Maximize job creation and capital investment by growing the region’s GDP through the retention and expansion of established driving industry companies that sell goods and services outside the Ann Arbor region, and through the targeted attraction domestically and internationally of similar companies that could succeed in our region.

See below map for the companies and projects we have worked with in the past five years.

SPARK acts as project manager for both the communities it supports and the companies it serves.

Our project management efforts can be fairly simple, such as conducting data analysis that a company may use in its business planning, or as complex as full project management for significant company expansions. This would include everything from:

  • Connecting them to proper resources
  • Working with the site selection community to help determine a location for a project
  • Fully managing the tax incentive paperwork and the process it may require
  • Creating communication plans
  • Traveling to company locations outside of the state
  • Making presentations to key public and private decision makers
  • Talent recruitment efforts

SPARK considers these projects a success after it is publicly announced, or when the proper approval process has taken place for the incentive sought by the company. SPARK supports a company directly or it supports the consultants the company utilizes during its expansion. Whatever role SPARK might play, we capture jobs and investments for projects that we have played an active role in helping a company make a decision to move forward.

SPARK celebrates all projects that may have an impact on our region. We do not count jobs and investments where SPARK was not directly involved.

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