Two stand-out companies at the recent Techstars Mobility Demo Day are working with Ann Arbor SPARK to further develop their technology with an eye on commercialization. Humanising Autonomy and LaneSpotter tapped Ann Arbor SPARK for assistance in navigating the Ann Arbor mobility landscape which led to working with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority and the City of Ann Arbor.

Techstars Mobility invests in startups building technologies and innovative business models that impact how people and goods move across all modes of transportation.

“Ann Arbor has all of the right elements in place to not only be home to innovative mobility companies, but to also be a leader in creating mobility opportunities for citizens,” said Komal Doshi, Ann Arbor SPARK’s director of mobility programs. “The more we can work to support companies like Humanising Autonomy and LaneSpotter to choose Ann Arbor for research, development, and product testing, the more we advance the safety, environmental friendliness, and accessibility of transportation throughout the region.”

UK-based Humanising Autonomy has developed a pedestrian intent prediction platform intended to make autonomous vehicles safer and more efficient in urban environments. Ann Arbor SPARK helped connect the company to the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority for data that will feed its product.

Pittsburgh, Penn.-based LaneSpotter is a mapping and navigation tour designed to make biking safer as well as more fun by helping bikers find unique routes. Ann Arbor is one of the company’s 10 pilot cities, and Ann Arbor SPARK helped the company through the process of working with the City of Ann Arbor to obtain bike lane maps.

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