The Ann Arbor SPARK business development team is a no-cost resource for businesses of all sizes looking to grow or relocate in Washtenaw and Livingston counties. Whether the goal is to overcome a business problem, expand a business, or find qualified talent, we can help your company prosper and succeed.

One such business is the Ypsilanti-based creative studio DO:BETTER. Ann Arbor SPARK facilitated introductions, recommended grants, and more.

DO:BETTER Opens Its Doors in Ypsilanti with Support from Ann Arbor SPARK

Turnkey Project Management

Ann Arbor SPARK business development team provides companies looking to grow or locate in the Ann Arbor region at no-cost turnkey project management, talent services and solutions, market entry strategy, and key introductions.Ann Arbor SPARK can help you find the financial incentives available to assist businesses interested in making a significant investment in the greater Ann Arbor region. SPARK has years of experience managing incentive programs and can save you time and identify your best state, regional, and local incentive opportunities.

 Talent Services and Solutions

One reason to grow your business in Ann Arbor is its proximity to prestigious academic institutions, such as the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, and Washtenaw Community College. Consider SPARK your talent conduit — connecting you to a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. We target highly qualified candidates by promoting career opportunities posted in our job portal via our Job Seeker newsletter which reaches 8,000+ candidates monthly.

SPARK can also help you invest in your most valuable resource — your existing employees. The State of Michigan is committed to developing and retaining talent through programs such as the Going PRO Talent Fund. Let us help identify the best resources and funds available for your workforce development.

Finally, Ann Arbor SPARK hosts a number of talent awareness events, each one highlighting the vibrant tech community thriving in the region and connecting candidates directly with participating companies.

Learn more about our marquee event, a2Tech360 featuring A2 Tech Trek.

Market Entry Strategy and Analysis

Data drives decisions, and Ann Arbor SPARK can provide quality information within the context of the region to help you determine the best course of action. We can also provide critical insights when developing a competitive landscape analysis, supply chain evaluation, wage data, and more.

Ann Arbor SPARK is also a globally-minded organization and can support domestic businesses pursuing international markets and international companies looking for a soft landing in the United States.

Key Introductions

Ann Arbor has big city amenities and a small-town charm that translates into warm handshakes and open-door policies. As an Ann Arbor SPARK partner, you have access to a regional network of business leaders, public officials, academic administrators, and entrepreneurial innovators. Allow us to facilitate an introduction or join us at a future SPARK event.

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