Last month, the Eastern Michigan University Center for Digital Engagement (CDE) presented Accelerating the Sales Funnel, a discussion addressing the challenge of moving users from free to paid services.

Special guests were Candace Chapman, Genomenon director of marketing and Nicholas Woods, Genomenon intern and CDE student. Moderating the discussion were Jenn Hayman, director of marketing for Zingerman’s Service Network and Bud Gibson, CDE director.

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Candace began the discussion by setting the stage. Genomenon currently offers a 30-day free trial of its mid-level solution Mastermind Professional Edition which, “Gives people a taste, gets people hooked, and gives you an audience to talk to.”

Communicating directly with the customer was one method Candace identified for lead conversion success. She also conveyed that the company’s small size allows for a more personal sales approach. “Because we are small right now, our sales person calls almost everyone who signs up [for the free trial].” Once the dialog is initiated, Genomenon can learn specifically what solutions will help their customers moving forward.

Another communication touchpoint is through email campaigns targeting trial users, emphasizing the benefits included with the Professional Level. Prior to starting an email campaign, the users need to opt-in to receive communications. “A lot of people here [at the CDE] are to learn about marketing and email marketing. While it has its challenges, it is a great way in today’s world to get the word out.”

To encourage people to opt-in to receiving communications, Candance encouraged meeting your audience face-to-face. Go to and sponsor events, providing one example where Genomenon sponsored an event reception, placing them in the same room as potential clients.

Finally, Nicholas identified that unconventional platforms can produce excellent results. An example of this approach was how Genomenon has utilized Reddit to be part of online conversations.

This blog was adapted from a post by the Center for Digital Engagement.

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