The final day of a2Tech360 was exhilarating. People came from more than 30 states and 11 countries to experience the new technological advances Ann Arbor has to offer by attending Tech Talk and A2 Tech Trek. 

With more than 6,000 registered attendees, the day was packed with innovation and excitement. 

The day started with Tech Talk, where 13 leading innovators shared in this TED-style event their perspectives about what’s going on Ann Arbor’s tech ecosystem and what they predict for the future. The featured speakers came from various backgrounds, ranging from cybersecurity and to pizza delivery development. Couldn’t make it to the event? Watch the videos.

Before hearing the speakers, attendees had the opportunity to network with other business professionals. It was an easy way for innovators and consumers to interact before heading off on the Trek.

“The tech talks were a great way to start the event and get energized,” one attendee shared in our post-event survey.

Following the talks, participants visited Mobility Row where companies displayed the latest in autonomous and connected vehicles. At the other end of Mobility Row, Live @ Tech Trek — an all-day concert presented by Bank of Ann Arbor — provided the day’s soundtrack.

While waiting for the Trek to begin at 3 p.m., guests were able to engage with the new technology being presented. This included self-driving shuttles, drones, and more.

Tech Trek is a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of how much you know about technology. From our survey, one individual said “There was a wide range of attendee experience, but unrelenting passion! Everyone appeared legitimately interested in every exhibitor, regardless of whether they were well versed in a particular industry or hadn’t even heard of it before.”

With 25 stops featuring more than 80 participating companies, attendees were able to experience  Ann Arbor’s vibrant tech community. While checking in and while visiting companies, attendees received refreshments, t-shirts, and other giveaways. While all the companies were within walking distance, there was also a trolley that transported people across downtown Ann Arbor. 

Whether you registered weeks before or the day of, Tech Trek was an engaging event for people of all ages.

“This was my first time attending. I saw advertisements through work but was told to attend by a fellow elementary school parent who suggested this would be a fun field trip to encourage STEM careers to kids. I liked that the event was very welcoming to all audiences,” another attendee responded.

Thanks for being a part of a2Tech360. Save June 14, 2019 for our fifth annual trek!

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