After attending Ann Arbor SPARK’s A2 Tech Trek, University of Michigan (U-M) alumni Scott Godbold knew it was time to return to Ann Arbor to build his high tech career. Godbold, who was working for Zappos in Las Vegas as a systems automation engineer, was attracted to Deepfield after passing its downtown Ann Arbor office while on the 2016 Tech Trek.

DeepfieldDuring Tech Trek, Ann Arbor’s technology companies and organizations hosted open houses that displayed their innovations. Each stop on the trek created a fun, educational experience that reflected company unique culture and demonstrated their product or service. Ann Arbor SPARK, with support from the Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti SmartZone (LDFA), and Washtenaw Community College sponsored Tech Trek.

“Tech Trek was going on, and I decided to go on it because my job at Zappos was no longer a challenge. I felt stalled,” Godbold explained. “I was walking from Duo Security, where a few friends of mine work, and was attracted by the Deepfield employees who were out in front of their office.”

Deepfield provides integrated cloud, application, and IP network insight in real time so customers can quickly improve network performance, efficiency, and security. Its technology drives and guides SDN controllers to make automated changes to networks so they can quickly adapt to changes in application demand, flow, and traffic patterns.

After touring the company, Godbold applied for a job and two months later was hired as a systems developer. In this role, Godbold has a hybrid role where he’s able to be both a systems developer and administrator.

“Family and friends here made it an easy decision to relocate back to Ann Arbor,” said Godbold, who also considered moving to Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area. “It’s a lot of fun to work in downtown Ann Arbor. I live nearby and can walk in to work everyday. Plus, there’s always something going on, and a number of amazing restaurants for lunch or dinner.”

Tech Trek not only showcased Godbold’s opportunity with Deepfield, it also highlighted the range of tech jobs in Ann Arbor, further cementing his decision to choose Ann Arbor. “It’s reassuring to know that there are a lot of high tech companies all located in downtown Ann Arbor. I know I have limitless potential to grow my career here,” he said.




Source: SPARK