Educational attainment is high in our region. In the city of Ann Arbor, about 75% of the population 25+ has a BA or higher. In Washtenaw county, over 50% has a BA or higher. To put that in context, the national average for people 25+ with a BA or higher is 29.3%. Clearly, higher education is valued in our region.

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However, when it comes to talking about higher education we usually only hear about the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. With total enrolment at 43,625, and total employment in both the University and Medical Campuses reaching close to 30,000, it’s a behemoth. The elephant in the region, for a reason.

Top Employers in Washtenaw County (>1,000 employees, hint: the big blue piece is U of M university and health systems)



The University of Michigan also tends to dominate online searches for colleges in Washtenaw county:



While U of M is a fantastic school, it is not the only choice, and the other options contribute heavily to the local economy in terms of quality talent. The aim of this post is to present and highlight the educational institutions that might get overshadowed occasionally.

Whether you are a high school junior prepping your college applications and want to know your local options better, an employer looking for alternative sources of talent, or a mid-career professional looking to up-skill – these schools have options for all.


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EMU Financial Aid, Internship Opportunities 1 or 2

Cleary Financial Aid, Internship Opportunities

Concordia Financial Aid, Internship Opportunities 1 or 2

WCC Financial Aid, Internship Opportunities 

PS If cost is a major factor in your decision-making process, check out this comparison from WCC…


Source: SPARK