Ford Motor Company’s recent acquisition in the autonomous vehicle space is none other than Quantum Signal, a team of engineering experts headquartered in Saline, Michigan.  

Quantum Signal participating in the 2019 Mobility Row as part of A2 Tech Trek.

in 1999 by graduates from the University of Michigan, Quantum Signal has been
in the business of developing mobile robotics technologies, advanced robotics
simulation, and innovative engineering services for the past two decades. During
that time, Quantum Signal clients have ranged from the U.S. military to
commercial customers. Of particular relevance to its new relationship with Ford
is ANVEL, Quantum Signal’s proprietary autonomous vehicle testing simulation
software that is anticipated to propel the development of Ford’s Transportation
as a Service (TaaS) platform by providing an ideal environment to further
testing and performance improvements.

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Ann Arbor SPARK first connected with Quantum Signal in 2006 through the Entrepreneur Boot Camp and solidified the partnership in the following years, consistently supporting the company get through numerous talent attraction and expansion needs.

Signal has been a big part of SPARK’s history, including some of the first
projects that our team worked on — like when Quantum Signal moved into a former
school building in Saline — all the way through the company’s participation in
the ‘original’ Tech Trek, with employees showing up in Star Trek gear,” said
Phil Santer, Ann Arbor SPARK senior vice president. “Quantum’s co-founder Mitch
Rohde has been a tireless advocate for talent development in Michigan,
participating in MichAGAIN programs in Washington D.C. and piloting new talent
approaches that SPARK has undertaken.”

News of the company’s successful acquisition by the automotive giant comes as no surprise. “The work that Quantum Signal has accomplished is truly impressive and has made great contributions to overcoming some of the technical challenges in AV deployment,” Phil continued. “It’s unsurprising that Ford has tapped them to assist in that area, and we’re thrilled to see Quantum Signal continue to develop and grow.”

Listen to more about Quantum Signal in this podcast featuring Mitch Rohde and Ann Arbor SPARK’s CEO, Paul Krutko, from 2013.

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