While Ann Arbor’s life sciences sector has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, the area has always been a magnet for biotech and medical device innovators. Today, the region has more than 250 life sciences firms and employs more than 6,000 people. One company achieving great success in Ann Arbor is Micro-Tech Endoscopy.

A medical device company, Micro-Tech Endoscopy provides products and tools for conducting nonsurgical GI endoscopy procedures in the digestive tract. When the company first opened in March 2015, the operations and warehouse facilities were in two separate locations. In July 2018, Micro-Tech consolidated to a new location near Eisenhower and Boardwalk.

“Micro-Tech Endoscopy is excited to expand its U.S. headquarters in Ann Arbor,” said Ron Perry, Micro-Tech Endoscopy executive vice president. “We are well located geographically to service the entire U.S. surgery center and hospital markets. We continue to find great talent in southeastern Michigan to fill our salaried and contracted positions. Also, being located close to the University of Michigan enables us to develop strong physician relationships to advance our product development activities.”

According to Phil Santer, Ann Arbor SPARK senior vice president, “Micro-Tech is a great example of what happens well in Ann Arbor — an international company that finds quality leadership here, starts small and grows quickly. It is impressive what Micro-Tech has done in a very short time. From an initial location search in 2015 to a much larger space today in Ann Arbor, we were pleased to welcome Micro-Tech to Ann Arbor a few years ago, and now help them connect with more people and resources as they grow their business throughout the U.S.”

Ron and the team worked closely with Oxford Companies to develop their new space, ensuring it suits the organization today — as well as for continued growth. “We are grateful to Oxford for helping us develop a combination warehouse and office facility tailor-made to our needs.”

The Ann Arbor office hosted an open house to celebrate the new location, bringing together the employees, clients, and others who have supported the company over the years. “It was a great way to show off the new space as well as thank our staff for their hard work and dedication.”

Micro-Tech was established in 2000 in Nanjing, China and in 2007 added its European headquarters in Germany. The company manufactures and sells its products to healthcare providers throughout the world. Additionally, it is a vertically integrated company, with its own R&D resources, advanced manufacturing facilities, logistics, and sales and marketing departments. Micro-Tech collaborates extensively with major medical institutions and universities around the world to improve its current products and develop new ones.

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