• 20 experts from 15 countries gather for annual meeting at IASP Headquarters
  • Knowledge: new research in collaboration with European Commission’s Joint Research Centre
  • International events in Nantes 2019, Seville 2020, and Silicon Valley in 2021

The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) International Board of Directors met in Malaga (Spain) on February 14 –15, to discuss the association’s strategy under International President Paul Krutko (Ann Arbor SPARK, USA).

The International Board is made up of 20 members from 15 countries across five different continents: Botswana, China, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Iran, Morocco, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay, and the USA. Experts in science parks (STPs) and areas of innovation (AOIs) with years of executive management experience, they met at IASP Headquarters in Malaga, Spain, for a two-day Board meeting to discuss progress towards the association’s 2020 strategic direction and to outline the path for IASP to follow over the years to come.

Board and Staff at IASP World Headquarters

President, Paul Krutko of Ann Arbor SPARK (USA), said:

“IASP is
located at an important nexus of global innovation and prosperity.  Our members, areas of innovation and science
parks, impact affirmatively through the thousands of companies and research
institutions found within their boundaries the sustainability and economic
vitality of the regions they are located within. This is complex and important
work. Our association’s value proposition is that by identifying, developing
and sharing knowledge about the best practices of areas of innovation and
science parks, communities and their citizens all over the world can benefit.
Our members are able through their participation in the IASP global network to
learn and make connections that they could not do in any other way.”

The IASP 2020 strategy

strategy builds upon the association’s Knowledge Leadership role which has
guided activities since 2011. The key streams of IASP’s 2020 strategy are:

  • Knowledge: Share and increase
    knowledge, connecting local ecosystems with the global innovation system;
  • Mobility: Help members increase
    mobility and connections between their resident companies, talent, technology
    and financial resources;
  • Links to business: setting up a more
    formal dialogue with multinationals or other strategic business partners;
  • Global institutions: creating and strengthening
    our connections with international institutions that add value for members; and
  • New models: Increase our
    knowledge of new agents and models for the creation of innovation ecosystems.

New knowledge and research

Collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint
Research Centre continues: IASP recently signed an MOU on promoting tech
transfer, and update the Board on an upcoming project to evaluate
Public-Private partnerships (PPPs) in science parks.

2021 conference in the heart of
Silicon Valley

World Conferences take place in a different country every year, becoming a tool
to link innovation leaders around the world and keep the association truly
global. In 2021, members will have the opportunity to meet in Santa Clara, at
the heart of Silicon Valley, a unique chance for science parks and areas of
innovation to network and build relationships in one of the world’s most
emblematic and most successful innovation ecosystems.

This year
members can meet at regional events in Pretoria, South Africa; Linkoping,
Sweden; and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at our World Conference in Nantes,
France, while in 2020, Seville, Spain, will host the event.

About IASP

is the worldwide network of science parks and areas of innovation, founded in 1984.
With nearly 350 members in 77 countries, IASP connects professionals managing
science, technology and research parks (STPs) and other areas of innovation (AOIs)
from across the globe, and provides services that drive growth and
effectiveness for members.

members enhance the competitiveness of companies and entrepreneurs in their
cities and regions, and contribute to global economic development through
innovation, entrepreneurship, and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

IASP is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social
Council of the United Nations and a founding member of the World Alliance for
Innovation (WAINOVA).

For further information about IASP, please visit www.iasp.ws

Board of Directors

IASP Board of Directors

With global
cooperation more important than ever, IASP’s internal procedures help to
maintain the association’s international identity: there cannot be more than
two voting directors from the same country. This ensures that different parts
of the world are always represented on the International Board of Directors, and
maintains IASP’s status as the only global organisation for the science park

You can see an overview of the IASP International Board of Directors at www.iasp.ws/board-of-directors.


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