If you’ve been anywhere near the Ann Arbor area recently you can tell it’s the beginning of the school year; students are moving in, parents are saying goodbye, lots of trips to Ikea are in the works, upperclassmen are having welcome back parties; it’s a magical time of year. And, of course, Michigan Football season starts Saturday September 3rd! This season the first five games are all at home. That’s a lot. There are 8 home games total, out of the 12 game regular season.

We used this rather unprecedented home game advantage as an impetus to ask ourselves how we stack up against other, similar regions. How does Ann Arbor compare to other college towns in the US?

How it will work:

Before each game this season we’ll produce a short blog post and an infographic that compares Ann Arbor against the college towns we are playing that week. We will always compare the City of Ann Arbor to the City of ____ (Columbus, Lansing, New Brunswick, Honolulu, you get the idea) – in order to be consistent. We’ll include some relatively dry numbers like city population and university enrollment to help give context, and then some fun numbers like US News and World Report University rankings, Olympic medal totals, or number of beaches. The information will be rolled out over social media as well as through our blog, so stay tuned to our social channels as the season kicks off.

Of course, this is all done in the friendly spirit of competition, and meant to be fun for visitors and locals alike!

You can find the University of Michigan’s game schedule here. 

Our first game is against the University of Hawaii at Manoa, located in Honolulu HI. Here’s how Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan stacks up against Honolulu and the University of Hawaii:


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Enjoy the game, and GO BLUE!

Source: SPARK