Ann Arbor, MI, June 29, 2016 — BitBrew, an Internet of Things (IoT) company funded by Danlaw, Inc., recently moved into newly renovated space on Main St.

The new start­up, whose name pays homage to Ann Arbor’s brewing reputation and leverages the automotive DNA of its founding team, is building a world ­class IoT platform with an initial focus on connected vehicle technology.

“BitBrew’s founding belief is that a connected car enables a connected driver,” said Ananth Rani, who sits on the board of advisors. “BitBrew’s platform allows companies to create safer and better driving experiences by ingesting, hosting, and transforming raw data from vehicles into usable information for consumer apps and business applications. Developers and enterprises can quickly get their apps to market without being weighed down by the details of data extraction and management.”

As smartphones and smart things permeate the market, the push for a connected car—with instantaneous feedback on what’s happening in and around a driver’s vehicle, travel routes, and everyday driving routines—grows stronger. A 2015 consumer survey by McKinsey found that nearly a third of respondents were willing to pay for connected ­car services. In order to deliver services that meets these expectations, automotive ecosystem companies need massive, complex, and expensive technological infrastructure and know­how. BitBrew’s platform removes those burdens and makes possible revolutionary transportation insights with a secure, vehicle­ agnostic, completely scalable platform­ as ­a ­service.

The platform ingests and stores streams of data sent from wireless vehicle devices, then configures and delivers it to an end­user app. App developers can quickly write a program without actively managing any of the data it consumes.

BitBrew is funded by Danlaw Inc., an auto tech provider and cornerstone company of the connected car industry. “BitBrew is further proof of the transformation of Michigan’s economy,” said Raju Dandu, Founder and Chairman of Danlaw. “As tech opportunities in southeastern Michigan lure new companies and talent to places like Ann Arbor, our investment in BitBrew demonstrates how we can bring our automotive electronics knowledge to the Internet of Things.”

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BitBrew’s office space is at 213 S. Main St., near the corner of Liberty St. The building is owned by R.A.N. Properties LLC and was renovated in concert with Danlaw over the winter. “We’re proud to join the Ann Arbor business community and to contribute to the vibrancy of downtown,” said Dandu.

BitBrew is seeking developers and develops engineers to help build the infrastructure of the future connected world using cutting­-edge technologies.


About BitBrew

BitBrew’s mission is to provide a barrier­-free entry to the connected vehicle industry with a platform that can handle any connectivity mechanism, any number of devices, any amount of data, and any app so that companies can focus on achieving the benefits of connected vehicles: safer roads, smarter businesses, and better driving experiences. For more information, contact


About Danlaw

Danlaw is a global leader in connected car and automotive electronics. More than 800 engineers create innovative tech for some of the world’s largest car makers. With a strong focus on R&D, Danlaw is known for ground­breaking tech, efficient development, and dynamic solutions for adaptive environments. A world­ class connected vehicle solution makes Danlaw one of the largest suppliers of connected devices in the world.



Source: SPARK