The Ann Arbor SPARK entrepreneurial
services program is a valuable resource for promising entrepreneurs looking to
grow their company in the Ann Arbor region. Whether you’re a new business
looking for an official address or the next promising tech startup, SPARK can
help you grow.

Incubator Network

Ann Arbor SPARK has
two innovation centers in Washtenaw County available to companies looking for
either a physical workspace or a virtual tenancy. This service helps give your
growing business access to resources, like printers and meeting spaces (not to
mention free coffee). Additionally, a business address will protect your
privacy and provide your new startup a professional image it needs to thrive.

Reception area at SPARK Central Innovation Center

One location is in
central Ann Arbor and provides a great space for launching, developing, and
growing your business. The other location is in downtown Ypsilanti, which for
more than 10 years has attracted innovative businesses of every size and
description. Once you become a SPARK client, you can access mentoring,
networking, and education workshops at either location.

We also host a variety of social events aimed at connecting early-stage companies with experienced resources and expanding personal networks. Check out our events calendar.


We want to provide
every business who works with us the tools to succeed, so we offer a host of
incredible programs for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our Starting
Your Own Business workshop
[BM1]  offers a look at the introductory skills
needed to run a successful business. Qualified early-stage tech companies will
also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with seasoned entrepreneurs,
investors, and executives during our Entrepreneur Boot Camp. Finally, in an effort to both retain and
attract experienced technology company leadership, SPARK offers a six-month
Executive-in-Residence (EIR) program. EIR pairs C-level professionals who
have a proven record of success in early-stage companies with SPARK clients as
they overcome specific challenges.


Ann Arbor SPARK knows
that securing funding is absolutely crucial for new startups. We coach the
executive teams of early- and growth-stage companies to focus on the business
metrics and milestones that will best position their companies for funding.

Additionally, SPARK
can help you find the best talent for open positions, or possibly contribute to
the cost of your summer internship program. When you’re ready to hire, be sure
to submit the position to the Ann Arbor SPARK job
(powered by TrueJob,
a local startup and SPARK client).

Speaking of internship programs, Ann Arbor SPARK partners with the Eastern Michigan University Digital Engagement Center to offer the Digital Marketing Clinic summer internship program. Companies accepted into the program are matched with EMU students who work on specific projects over an eight-week period. The popularity of the program continues to grow with 135 student applications received in 2018.

Getting Started

The first step to working with SPARK Entrepreneurial Services in any capacity is to share your idea with us. We will maintain confidentiality (your idea is safe with us). The form helps us identify the best way SPARK can assist your startup.

All of this is made
possible with the financial support of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti SmartZone Local
Development Finance Authority (LDFA). SPARK serves as a distributor of LDFA
funding and provides its entrepreneurs with the opportunity to receive business
accelerator grants through SPARK.

Read more about our

Contact a member of the entrepreneurial services team today.

Contributed by Jacob Quinn, a sophomore in the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering studying Electrical Engineering. He’s heavily involved with entrepreneurship programs on campus through his membership in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program and is incredibly passionate about sustainability in innovation.

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