Given the compelling value that “networking” provides, here are some of my top tips:o-NETWORKING-facebook
  1. Do spend at least 50% of your time networking, compared with the amount of time that you spend blindly applying to job postings online.
  2. Do reach out to your existing network of family, personal friends, professional contacts and others when you are in an active job search, describing to them your target occupation, list of companies, etc.
  3. Do reach out to people at your target list of employers.  Building a relationship with people prior to a job being posted shows sincerity and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd once a position is posted.
  4. Do invest in some “networking cards” which look like business cards but have a short summary of you on the back.  Keep these with you at all times!
  5. Do attend a few events where you are likely to meet people that can be helpful to you in your search – such as professional association events, Chamber of Commerce events, meet ups at SPARK, etc. is a great source!
  6. Do look at your networking interactions as ways to help the OTHER person! I do recommend that you look at networking as a long-term, mutually beneficial activity.  Really getting to know someone, and what they need, and helping them make a connection feels good and builds trust and rapport.
Now get out there and make some new friends!
Good luck!
Advice from Amy Cell, President and Chief Matchmaker at Amy Cell, LLC.  For more employment resources click here.


Source: SPARK