Ann Arbor was recently named the most educated city in America according to WalletHub, a personal finance website. This is the third consecutive year that Ann Arbor has landed at the top of the list.

WalletHub compared the largest 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas across 11 key metrics, and Ann Arbor earned a total score of 92.57. This is especially impressive, as the next highest score was only 77.39.

Ann Arbor came in first in a number of sub-categories as well, including highest percent of high-school diploma holders, highest percent of bachelor’s degree owners, and highest percent of graduate or professional degree holders.

It is important for a city’s economy to grow and flourish, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a population of highly educated individuals. The higher the education one has, the more likely they are to earn a higher salary, which leads to them contributing more tax dollars over time.

Also, many people with degrees want to be around others with similar educational and intellectual experience. A large population of degree holders will most likely attract other degree holders to the area. Ann Arbor is a great location for like-minded individuals to meet and network and the community is only getting bigger.

Hail to the victors.

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