Today, members of the Ann Arbor SPARK staff got out of the office for some good-natured team building and community service by participating in a park clean-up day at Barton Nature Area. “It’s great to be part of an organization that values contributing to the community in a variety of ways, said Bill Mayer, SPARK vice president of entrepreneurial services. “All-in-all, we at SPARK believe it’s our role to help make the Ann Arbor region a desirable place to live, work, and play.”

The city’s website details a brief history on Barton Nature Area: “Presently, Barton is the only dam in the city still used to generate electricity, but now the City sells the electricity to DTE. Historically, the flat nature of this land made it attractive for farming. The two bridges and main woodchip trail running through the park connecting those bridges were constructed in 1991 to supplement the informal network of trails, which evolved over time.”

According to, Ann Arbor’s gorgeous parks are one reason why the city is the best place to live in America. With nearly 160 parks in the city, and countless others in the neighboring communities and throughout the region, it’s no surprise that Ann Arbor is affectionately known as Tree Town.

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