April 18, 2018. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Applied Dynamics (ADI) today announced the commercial release of the ADEPT Framework. The ADEPT

Framework is a cyberphysical computing and data handling software platform deployed at 14 of the

global top 35 aerospace and defense companies with customers including General Dynamics,

Gulfstream, Boeing, Rolls-Royce PLC, NASA, US Navy, US Airforce, and BAE Systems. This marks the end

of a nine-year journey to complete a clean-sheet redesign and reimplementation of the software

platform in pursuit of the emerging Industrial IoT market demand.


“We’ve been listening closely to our Fortune 500 partners to understand where they are headed and

how we can help them get there.” Scott C James, ADI’s president and CEO, explained. “And we are

incredibly proud of what our Michigan-headquartered, and global team have accomplished. We have

been progressively rolling out the software platform to key strategic industry and university pilot

projects and seeing consistently successful outcomes in the process.”


Although this marks the end of the redesign journey, it also marks the beginning of a new journey. ADI

is continuing to aggressively expand its team of technology professionals and is working hard to keep up

with user growth demand. In alignment with this major technology release, ADI is also unveiling a major

brand refresh and new website to welcome in the “New ADI”.

To support the demand for the ADEPT Framework, ADI has been and will continue to aggressively

expand its Ann Arbor team. “Strong support from the State of Michigan, including MEDC, the Michigan

Strategic Fund, and Ann Arbor SPARK have been crucial to our success over the past five years.” Added

Mr. James.


The ADEPT Framework is disrupting the traditional industrial data and controls market by providing an

open platform that helps companies get access to high-quality industrial data at surprisingly affordable

costs. By capitalizing on the open-source software and open hardware movements, ADI is able to offer a

compelling value proposition. “The ADEPT Framework is now an ideal platform for users that desire a

Linux-based cyberphysical system that runs on low-cost hardware and provides high-performance and

scalability with a powerful set of client tools,” says David Warner, ADI’s Director of Open Source

Products and Industrial IoT Applications.


In addition to leveraging existing open-source projects, ADI is also investing in the open-source community

by starting the rtxd project later this year. The open-source rtxd project will enable a wider user-base to

benefit from the time-deterministic software paradigm that ADI has refined over years of implementing

time-critical installations for the world’s most demanding applications.


About Applied Dynamics

Applied Dynamics helps companies make better use of modeling assets through all stages of product

development, verification testing, demonstration, training, and maintenance. Applied Dynamics flagship

product, the ADEPT Framework, is a real-time, industrial Internet of Things (IoT) model-based systems

engineering software platform providing an agile, feature-rich environment for supporting the product

development lifecycle through development, integration, verification, and certification. ADEPT

embraces an open architecture and allows its users to leverage best-in-class COTS components and

open source technologies. The ADEPT user base includes more than 50% of the Fortune 500 A&D

companies and extends into marine, power systems, oil & gas, and the automotive industry.


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