Arbor Research Collaborative for Health Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Office

ANN ARBOR, MI – Arbor Research Collaborative for Health announces a groundbreaking ceremony on May 11, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. for their new corporate headquarters located in Domino’s Farms Office Park at the intersection of US-23 and M-14.

The planned two-story 49,500 square foot building will be located just south of the Petting Farm at Domino’s Farms. It will house approximately 140 current staff members with room for anticipated growth.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this important milestone in the history of our organization,” said Robert M. Merion, president and CEO of Arbor Research. “Construction of our own building makes good sense for us at this time. We are planning an environment that facilitates collaboration and maximizes productivity of our growing team. The Arbor Research building will give us flexibility to expand even further if needed to pursue our mission of improving patient lives and to broaden our impact.”

Arbor Research has contracted with several Ann Arbor-based companies for this construction project, including architects Hobbs + Black Associates Inc. and construction managers J.S. Vig.

“It’s been exciting to watch the continued growth of Arbor Research Collaborative for Health,” said Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO Paul Krutko. “Driving industry businesses like Arbor Research benefit from the depth and range of talent here; the Ann Arbor region is unique in the number of residents who have advanced degrees and are desirable job candidates for innovative businesses. We look forward to continuing to support Arbor Research as it expands in the region.”

“The success of our economic development efforts depends on strong private sector partners, including Domino’s Farms,” Krutko continued. “Ann Arbor SPARK board member Paul Roney, president of Domino’s Farms, and his director of real estate John Petz, deserve credit for their hard work to make this site available for this new construction project.”

Speakers for the event will include Robert M. Merion, President and CEO, Arbor Research; Richard Pietroski, Treasurer, Arbor Research Board of Directors; and Michael Moran, Ann Arbor Township Supervisor.

The media are invited to join the staff and board of Arbor Research at the groundbreaking ceremony.

About Arbor Research Collaborative for Health

Arbor Research Collaborative for Health is committed to improving patient care through research that shapes medical policies and practice. In particular, Arbor Research conducts health outcomes research on chronic disease and end-stage organ failure, with expertise in biostatistical analysis, clinical practice, health economics, public policy, database management and integration, and project coordination.

Founded in Ann Arbor in 1997 with five employees, Arbor Research has grown to approximately 140 staff members, with current openings for new team members available.

Through research projects that are national and global in scope, Arbor Research’s scientific collaborations provide valuable and timely information to the worldwide health care community. More information is available at

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