look back on this week’s economic development headlines, announcements, and other share-worthy news from the Ann Arbor region.

Nice shout-out from Axios for Ann Arbor: “1 big thing: College towns are crushing it” – “College-centric towns are well-positioned to see 11% employment growth over the next decade …. The University of Michigan is cultivating its expertise in mobility. Toyota and Hyundai, for example, have opened large R&D centers there.”

From Site Selection MagazineLeading voices from around the state of Michigan weigh in on the connections among regional culture, higher education, and talent attraction. Nice shout-out to the KLA deal is included.

Benefits of Interning in Ann Arbor: “The Ann Arbor entrepreneurial community is well connected, and they are always looking for more ways to interact with inspiring entrepreneurs.”

“Ann Arbor is made up of freaks, geeks, and jocks. Those are a great group of people to start a disruptive company with.” — @dugsong in Michigan’s Unicorn: How Silicon Valley Was Brought to the Midwest talk at @ACG_GLCC.

Listen to the full-length conversation featuring Lisa Sauve, principal of Syndecode Design Studio, and Michael Laurenzano, co-founder and CTO of Clinc. This was part of a set of podcasts we did during A2 Tech Trek this year.

Football rankings are backAnn Arbor vs. West Point

Ann Arbor SPARK entrepreneurial services alum Mi Padrino is profiled in Forbes

New WCC entrepreneurship program offers one-on-one guidance with local business experts

Automated-Driving Features May Account For Welcome Recent Decline In U.S. Traffic Deaths

Motawi Tileworks molds its own profitable path from Ann Arbor outpost

A4 sits down with Tonya McCarley of DaySmart Software

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